We are sad to hear of the passing of Sylvia Dean

Sylvia Deane was mum of Shirley Roberts.

Sylvia Deane lived in Orchard House, Bourne End for many years before moving to an Assisted Living Home in Hazlemere. Sylvia was involved in making costumes for Forum Players, Brownies when Bourne End had a carnival and was a volunteer for the Red Cross locally. Sylvia was healthy and doing very well until she broke her hip in September, had a perforated gall bladder in October but managed to recover enough to get home 2 days before her 95th birthday party. Then a week before christmas she fell and broke her wrist. Sylvia died peacefully in her sleep in her home.

We will always remember her for her baseball caps, walking frame picking up money which had been dropped, and giving it to charity.

Sylvia’s Celebration of Life is to be held 16th January 1.15pm at Chiltern Crematorium, all welcome.

Regards and thanks

Pat Jones – daughter

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