Panto Readthrough and Audition Scripts

Readthrough on Monday 25th Sept is in the small hall and starts starts 7.45pm for 8pm and, the auditions on weds 27th are in the main hall again starting 7.45pm for 8pm.

Cast list

Claude Tick- Tock the Crocodile – narrator /scene setter(M)

Peter Pan, principal boy – Heroic and dashing, the boy who doesn’t want to grow up (F)

Wendy Darling, principal girl – Sensible and well brought up motherly(F)

John Darling & Michael Darling – Wendy’s younger brothers, Typically boyish (M)

Tinkerbell – feisty fairy and Peter’s best friend, partly played by a laser light (F)

*Mother – Mrs Darling, loving mother of the Darling children (F)

*Father – Mr Darling (M)

*Captain Hook – The baddie, posh pirate captain, dramatic and flamboyant (M)

Nana Smee – Nanny and Dame, outrageously over the top(M)

Tiger Lily – A strong minded Indian princess (F)

*Mama/Papa –Indian chief- Imposing with a soft side(M/F)

Rum and Coke –comedy duo-pirates who work for Hook- mean with a soft side(M/F)

Prosecco and Chardonnay – Mermaids, a bit dizzy and very funny(F)


Slightly – compulsive liar

Curly – Loveable and bashful

Nibs – The bravest lost boy

Toodles – Always last, misses all the action, naïve,clumsy, likes food

Spooks – Scared of his shadow

Spike – Tough guy, the hardest of the group

CHORUS: – the Indians( Booming Voice, Fire Starter and Meek as Mouse) children and pirates

Speaking chorus parts are Meek as Mouse and Pirate 5

Audition pieces are below. Click on them to view

Peter Pan and Wendy


Tiger Lily and Chief

The Lost Boys

Rum and Coke

Prosecco and Chardonnay- Mermaids

Nana Smee

John and Michael

Father and Mother

Claude Tick Tock Rap

Captain Hook

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