Peter Pan Auditions

Just a quick reminder the reading of our next panto, Peter Pan, is on Monday 25th September with auditions starting on Wednesday.

Hope to see you all there

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Here are the cast photos fro Agatha Crusty

Click here for cast photos

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Please see this link to the Agatha Crusty video

Please click this link to the video of Agatha Crusty

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Auditions for Peter Pan

Read through 25th September

Auditions 27th September and 4th October

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September 2017 Newsletter

Well after the crisis talks in the summer as to whether Forum should fold or not; here we are…… back, rejuvenated and raring to go for our autumn production of:-

Agatha Crusty & the Village Hall Murders

This laugh out loud comedy by Derek Webb   is directed by Forum stalwart  Wendy Keeble who describes it as having more murders than Midsomer and as clueless as Clouseau!

So, what further encouragement do you need ?

Book your tickets now from Bourne End Library or call   01628 523291 for performances on:

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 2017 at 8pm

Bourne End Community Centre

Tickets £9 or £7 concessions

(Alternatively, if you are a Senior Citizen-you can see if for free on Weds, 20th)

As previously mentioned, Forum held a couple of crisis meetings during the summer about the future of the society. Ros,our chairperson, was very clear – if Forum is to continue and go forward , then there has to be commitment from members towards supporting future productions not only in words but also in deeds.

Like many am-dram societies, the annual pantomime forms the backbone of the programme offered and this year, Jill Hyde answered the call to arms and said she would take on directing the 2018 panto. Jill Dady, a new member from last year, volunteered to help her and when Jill H said she’d always wanted to do Peter Pan, Jill D was thrilled as it’s her favourite too!

So  having found a suitable script, the two Jill’s are now inviting  all Forum players and any new members to audition to fly away to Neverland, Rock around the Croc and get Hooked ( get it?) into Jan 2018 panto!!

Please see list of cast below.

Next Panto read-through is 7.45pm for 8pm start, Monday 25th September in the small hall at B.E. community centre, with auditions on  Weds 27th September, main hall.

Audition pieces will be available by email a week prior to auditions.

Both Jill’s are determined to make this the “best panto ever” but for this we need a large cast of adults & children over the age of 8. As ever, men are in short supply; so if you’ve a husband that you want out of the armchair or a Dad, brother or uncle that you feel is mean enough to play Captain Hook! Let us know!  Forum Players needs them!

….And  remember, if you know of someone that would like to get involved but doesn’t want to perform on stage , there’s loads of other “behind the scenes” stuff that we will need help with – costumes, scenery, props etc etc

Peter Pan The Pantomime

  • Cast list

  • Claude Tick- Tock the Crocodile  – narrator /scene setter(M)

  • Peter Pan, principal boy – Heroic and dashing, the boy who doesn’t want to grow up (F)

  • Wendy Darling, principal girl-Sensible and well brought up motherly(F)

  • John Darling & Michael Darling – Wendy’s younger brothers, Typically boyish (M)

  • Tinkerbell–  feisty fairy and Peter’s best friend, partly played by a laser light (F)

  • *Mother– Mrs Darling, loving mother of the Darling children  (F)

  • *Father– Mr Darling (M)

  • *Captain Hook-The baddie, posh pirate captain, dramatic and flamboyant (M)

  • Nana Smee-Nanny and Dame, outrageously over the top(M)

  • Tiger Lily–  A strong minded Indian princess (F)

  • *Mama/Papa –Indian chief- Imposing with a soft side(M/F)

  • Rum and Coke –comedy duo-pirates who work for Hook- mean with a soft side(M/F)

  • Prosecco and Chardonnay – Mermaids, a bit dizzy and very funny(F)


  • Slightly– compulsive liar

  • Curly-Loveable and bashful

  • Nibs-The bravest lost boy

  • Toodles– Always last, misses all the action, naïve,clumsy, likes food

  • Spooks– Scared of his shadow

  • Spike-Tough guy, the hardest of the group

  • CHORUS: – the Indians( Booming Voice, Fire Starter and Meek as Mouse) children and pirates.

  • Speaking chorus parts are Meek as Mouse and Pirate 5

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2 Artist Easels Needed ASAP

We need two artists easels for the production of ‘Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders’

Please can anyone help? If so. I’d love to hear from you. My e-mail address is:-

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As some of you are aware there have been considerable problems with Agatha Crusty, a number of which have been due to excessive and unexpected work difficulties for some members. At present we have no set and although this is extremely simple and straightforward we need people to help make it happen. Can you possibly help on Sunday (27th) from 10am for a couple of hours. Please could you let me know asap if you can so I know how many chocolate biscuits I need!

E mail wendy.keeble@sky.com01628 52437107963 257993

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Panto Reading

As the year progresses we are now looking at the Panto and Jill Dady and Jill Hyde have a script for Peter Pan that they would like to submit to the club.

To this end we have organised a reading on Tuesday 22nd August in the small hall at the community centre.

Please come down and read this show and support the club.

Your Chairman
Ros Bartlett


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AGATHA CRUSTY information

Next Production

Something strange is happening in the sleepy village of Chortleby as one by one members of the Village Hall committee are bumped off.

Enter Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croo-sty) to aid the hapless and hopeless Detective Inspector Twigg solve the case.

With more murders than Midsomer and a policeman as clueless as Clouseau this play will have you laughing all the way through while you try to determine whodunnit.

Things kick off at the Community Centre, Wakeman Road, Bourne End on 20th September with a free showing for senior citizens, followed by further  performances on 22nd and 23rd September, all starting at 8pm.

Tickets are £9 with concessions at £7, available from 19 August from Bourne End Library or by calling 01628 523291.

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Murder Mystery

We have been approached to see if we could provide a Murder Mystery at a dinner at Marlow Masonic Centre on Saturday 18th November. I have found a script called ‘Downton Crabbey’ It only needs 1 man and 3 women and the scripted part is only 15 minutes. Audience interrogation is obviously improvised.


What’s the Mystery Here?

London, around 1900. A Hotel Inspector is due to inspect Downtown Crabbey, a hotel designed for young American travellers to feel at home in London. In the dining room, his arrival is causing something of a panic, there we find

Roberta Crawley the Dowager Countess of Gravenshire
Murphy Crawley her American nephew
Meryl Patmore the Cook
Maisy Robinson the Scullery Maid

Whilst Countess Roberta and her nephew are worried about the inspection, the cook and maid have something far more important on their minds: a fork has gone missing

Can I ask if anyone would be interested in taking part in this. A donation will be made to Club funds and the beauty of this script, apart from the small cast, is that it has multiple solutions so could be used for another occasion.

I need to give the organizer an answer yes or no very quickly so that he can look elsewhere if we can’t do it so if you could let me know by e-mail asap if you are interested I would be very grateful.


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